Charitable Assistance

There are a number of small charities operated by the Parish Council, which are able to offer modest assistance to qualifying residents. Applications or nominations for assistance may be made in writing to the Parish Clerk.

James Brandwood’s Charity
Arises from a bequest made in 1762, to provide “The supply of clothes, linen, bedding, fuel, tools, medical and other aid in sickness, food or other articles in kind for the benefit of such deserving and necessitous persons bona fide resident in the ancient township of Entwistle”.

Turton, Edgworth and District Nursing Charity
This was founded in June 1949, with the aim of giving “Grants in money or in kind to the sick and needy of the inhabitants of Chapeltown and Edgworth Wards”.

Turton, Edgworth and District War Memorial Scholarship
This was founded in 1920, and “Trustees shall apply the clear income of the Charity in promoting the education, including social and physical training, of persons under the age of 25 years who, or whose parents, are resident in Chapeltown, Edgworth, Entwistle or Quarlton”.
(Organisations which meet these aims may apply)

GH Ashworth Agricultural Scholarship
This was established in 1927, and provides for grants to students who live in the area of the former Turton Urban District area and who are studying, or are about to embark of a course of study, at an agricultural college.
The funds have now been fully distributed, and the charity wound up.

Fred Holt Memorial Fund
This is not a registered charity, but a fund set up in 1990 in memory of the first Parish Council Clerk, Fred Holt, to benefit senior citizens and make facilities available for them to acquire new skills and new experiences to add to their enjoyment of life.
The fund started with £350, and accrued interest over the years to finish with a balance of just under £584.
The fund has now been fully distributed – £120 to enable the residents of Barlow Court to attend the Barlow Institute centenary concert; £250 towards the cost of coach hire for a day trip organised by the North Turton Welfare Committee; and £213.90 towards the costs of three outings organised by the Belmont Over 60s