Lengthsman Scheme

The Parish Council funds the Lengthsman scheme, which involves maintaining roadside verges, pathways and publicly owned spaces within North Turton.

The Lengthsman maintains some of the community areas in the area, including the community orchard, the garden at four lane ends, the garden around the stocks in Chapeltown and the area around the waterwheel on Bury Road.

He carries out repairs to gates and fences in community areas, and puts up the Remembrance poppies around the villages.
Some of his activities in recent times include the repair of dry stone walling around the Moss in Belmont, spraying weeds along footpaths, repair of the gateway behind the Black Bull leading to the Wayoh reservoir, and cutting back overhanging bushes on Bury Road.

Should you become aware of  something in the villages which needs attention, please report it to the Parish Council.

The Lengthsman also collects litter and empties dog bins – see separate posts.