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Next Parish Council meeting
Monday, 2nd March 2020 at 7.30 pm at the Broadhead Room, St Anne’s Church


Edgworth and District Horticultural Society and North Turton Parish Council have worked together on a joint venture to put planters full of flowers around village.
This year, over 50 planters have been positioned around the cross roads and down the part of Bolton Road where they are not obscured by cars.
Businesses and households along this year’s route have been asked to water them over the summer months and everyone contacted has enthusiastically agreed to look after them.
The planters have been purchased jointly by E&DHS and the Parish Council.   Myerscough College were approached to supply the filled planters which they have now created using their home-made compost and own-grown plants. They look splendid.
We want to beautify our already picturesque village for the benefit of all who live here. It will help greatly with our entry in the Lancashire Best Kept Village Competition and we want to encourage everyone to join in, and feel proud of where we live.
We have money in hand for a second phase, to replace the summer blooms with some autumn colour and spring bulbs. We will be looking for help to do the clearing and planting!
We would value your comments on the planters to help us to plan Phase 2. Please let us know what you think by e-mailing NTPC@edgworth-horticultural-society.co.uk

Flowers in Chapeltown

The Horticultural Society also plan to fund improvements to the gardens at four lane ends and the stocks garden on High Street.. In the meantime, the Parish Council has planted some shrubs and bedding plants in the High Street garden to add some much needed colour.


Annual Accounts 2018-19

These have now been audited and are now available for public inspection – see Finance page

Relationship with the Barlow Charity

Following a request from the Barlow Charity Trustees for the Parish Council to take out a public works loan to contribute to repairs to the roof of the Barlow, the Parish Council has sought advice  from Stephen Claus, a solicitor specialising in charity law.
Mr Claus confirmed that, as Custodian Trustee, the Parish Council merely holds the title deeds to the estate. The Parish Council’s only role is, in the event of the Trustees wishing to dispose of some or all of the estate, to make sure that it is disposed of properly and legally. The Custodian Trustee has no role in the management of the Charity, nor does it have any responsibility for maintaining the estate.

In terms of the Barlow roof, Mr Claus advised that the Parish Council ‘has no legal responsibility to contribute towards repairs, and indeed it would be inappropriately interfering in the management of a registered charity in respect of any part of the property which is the sole responsibility of the charity trustees’.
He went so far as to say it would be unlawful for the Parish Council to consider raising monies for this purpose, resulting in an increase in the precept.  Although a Parish Council has a limited discretion to apply certain funds for charitable purposes, it would plainly not extend to the refurbishment of a large building such as the Barlow Institute.

The Society of Local Council Clerks has also confirmed that a grant or loan by a Parish Council cannot be financed by a Public Works Loan Board loan.

The Barlow Charity scheme provides for the Parish Council to appoint four trustees.
These appointees become trustees in their own right, and do not represent the Parish Council in any way. The Parish Council may choose not to appoint any or all trustees.
Should the Charity wish to remove the right to appoint, it must seek the approval of the Parish Council.

Lancashire Best Kept Village Competition

Belmont, Chapeltown and Edgworth were all been entered into the 2019 competition.
Judging took place during June and July.
Unfortunately none of the villages were successful.
Belmont School was, however, placed joint third in the schools category last year.

The judge’s handwritten reports are available here:

Belmont report 2019 Belmont report 2nd visit 2019
Chapeltown report 2019 Chapeltown report 2nd visit 2019
edgeworth report 2019 Edgeworth report 2nd visit 2019

Village Pharmacy

The Pharmacy in Edgworth is under the threat following withdrawal of NHS funding for small pharmacies. More people need to patronise the pharmacy if it is to continue to operate.
The pharmacy offers an electronic prescription service whereby patients can nominate it to receive and dispense their prescriptions. Residents are urged to take up this facility.